Layer 84Jen founded Zenobia Photography Studios in Rhode Island nearly a decade ago. She shoots weddings in Newport, Providence, Boston, and all over New England and is also available for international and national destination weddings. Her work has taken her to Italy, the UK, and around the US. Jen is always game for a new adventure.

Meet Jennifer Doumato Lamy

I became a wedding photographer because it is the best job in the world. As a creative professional, it allows me to be and do so many things at once; I’m a portrait photographer, a commercial photographer, a photojournalist, a fashion photographer, a business woman, a friend and consultant and most importantly, a documentarian. I get to know interesting couples every day, and get to come up with different and fun ideas for their photographs. In my years of experience I have photographed every possible weather situation, family situation, venues ranging from the mansions of Newport to a back yard in the city, ceremonies as diverse as Hasidic to Pagain, truly, if you can think of it, I’ve shot it and loved it. And the best part is, I still have yet to experience two weddings that felt the same! Each event brings its own unique inspiration and it is my job to bring that out and capture it. I absolutely love, and am personally fascinated by that challenge.

I am a mom to three perfect little Lamys, I ride horses, I have an enormous collection of antique letters, I can tell you anything about Rhode Island history, I have a Masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution (long story) and am incredibly bad at all math except geometry which I’m incredibly good at. I have traveled everywhere on my bucket list and more, so now I’m working on a whole new list. What else can I tell you? Come to the studio and let’s meet!

What to expect?

My approach to wedding photography is simple. I strive to create something special and unique at each event, and I always, always, keep the experience FUN for you. I use a combination of years of experience, special lighting, top quality equipment, and really, really hard work to create your wedding portraits. In 2015 alone, I have shot a wedding dress on fire, a couple underwater and a bride on horseback. For the rest, I am a straight documentarian. I spend the day looking for cute expressions, teary eyes, subtle embraces, drunken crazies on the dancefloor, and all of the little details that you will miss in the whirlwind of your day. The most important creative tool that I have is your personality as a couple. I want your backstory. And your dreams for the future. The more insight you give me into who you are, the more I can translate that into images that will take your breath away, and which will tell your story. It is never my goal to simply recycle poses and shot lists. For me, conventionality is a four-letter word.


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