You should LOVE your wedding photos

I'm Jennifer Lamy, the photographer behind Zenobia Studios.

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is incredibly important as your photos will serve as memories well into the future. Also, you will spend a ton of time with your photographer, so you really need to jive. How can you be yourself in front of the camera otherwise?

A wedding is so much more than just a party... it's a family reunion, a major life change, a merging of friends and family, a reflection of your personalities and values, not to mention a major investment (no pressure to get it right!!!)
Your photography should not just document your day, it should tell a full story about who came together to support you, and how it looked and felt to be there. This is my forte. I have twelve years of experience shooting in any light conditions, weather conditions and cultural scenarios you can imagine. When the day zigs, I can quickly zag. No matter what you have planned, or how your day plays out, I've got you.

Some things to consider.... Will my images be timeless, or trendy ten years from now? Will my body of images include context and relevance or will it mainly cover poses and formal moments of the couple? How do I want to use my images after the wedding? Can I see myself having a drink with this photographer, who I will spend my entire day with?


Wedding photographer, Rhode Island

Wedding photographs should be timeless, not trendy. Consider viewing your wedding album ten years from now...