There are lots of different ways to structure you're schedule for the wedding, and getting the best photos possible should be a big consideration. It's ideal to shoot your creative portraits during the hour or so before sunset, when the sun is low and soft. When I shoot, I am always looking for the best light. For some weddings that light will come from excellent weather, warmth and sunshine and for other weddings, I will create the light myself using my wireless flash system. Whatever happens on your day, I am prepared, and not to worry, I've seen it all before! Don't stress about the weather, don't stress about anything, I've got you!I work with all of my couples to come up with a schedule for the wedding which will allow us to capture all of the creative wedding portraits that we want and to have fun and actually enjoy your wedding day in the process. You've worked so hard to plan your wedding, you have a lot invested, so you must enjoy it and be present!