Oh baby was this a phenomenal day.

Beautiful weather, GORGEOUS couple, giant happy family, and even a carnival ride or two. Oh wait, did I forget to mention Chris’ broken leg!?! What a trooper though, nothing was going to get in the way of how ecstatic these two were to marry each other.

After a beautiful and personal ceremony at St. Mary’s in Bristol we walked across the street to the local fair (and through many curious onlookers!) for some great pics! Even a ride on the dragon roller coaster 🙂 What photographer could ask for more?!

Linden Place was a fabulous setting for the party, everyone milling around, chatting and having a ball. B & M catering had stations sprinkled all around filling every gust of wind with the scents of their amazing food.

All I have to say about the party is  – crowd surfing. It happened. All night, every time I turned around another of Chris’s 50 younger cousins was up in the air riding around the room!

I had so much fun, beginning to end – CONGRATS  to Chris and Kath!!

<3 Kendall

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Just beautiful! I love that they went to the amusement park.

Yes, us too! How fun is that?!

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